I could write a long story of where I come from (which is actually from Canada - yes, French Canadian), my upbringing, my friendships, the jobs I did as far back as when I was a teenager, but let me tell you who I am in just a few words... My name is Brigitte Lee. I do what I do because I love it. I design. I create. I manage. I coach. I work hard. And most of all, I enjoy every moment.   

I started my web & graphic designer career 14 years ago with a wonderful client who saw my potential and wanted me to create their new website. It grew from there. Now I do web design and management, SEO, email marketing, Social Media, graphic design for printed and online advertisement, and much more. That client is still my client. Guess I did something right!

Take a look at the services I offer, and if you feel that I could help you bring your project to life, fill out the contact form, or give me a call at 425-327-8068.

Oh la la!

Brigitte Lee